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VMDR is committed to the success of your production with the newest and highest quality fleet, backed by our responsive and highly trained service team. Our fleet is designed to empower crews and talent to work together more simply and productively – and allow them to stay focused on the project at hand.

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Professionally designed in collaboration with celebrated makeup artists and stylists. A space where music plays, people laugh, and conversation is happily shared.

  • 53 ft 10 Station Hair & Makeup Trailers
  • 53 ft 10 Station Hair & Makeup Trailers (with slide outs)
  • 53 ft 8 Station Hair & Makeup Trailer – with a slide-out
  • 40 ft 6 Station Hair & Makeup Trailers
  • 30 ft 5 Station Hair & Makeup Trailers
  • 5 Station Hair & Makeup Trucks
    – can tow a Makeup or Wardrobe Trailer making a combo unit
  • 4 Station Hair & Makeup Trucks
    – can tow a Makeup or Wardrobe Trailer making a combo unit
  • Special FX Makeup Trailers
    – equipped with specialty venting systems

Exhaust fans installed to create a healthy work environment, with ample air circulation.


An elevated aesthetic to delight your costume design team.

Single or combination units available.

  • 53 ft. Wardrobe Trailers
  • 48 ft. Wardrobe Trailers
  • 30 ft. Wardrobe Trailers


Clean styling feels comfortable and inviting.

  • AD Room
  • Washrooms
  • Six change rooms
  • 53′ Honeywagon Trailers


A fresh approach to elegant, modern, eco design, which creates moments of unexpected beauty.

EcoPrima Certified Certified Green by TRA Certification

    • 1 Room Cast Trailers 
    • 2 Room Cast Trailers
    • 3 Room Cast Trailers

Our Cast Trailers have also been certified Eco-Friendly at the Gold Level by Eco-Prima in Canada and TRA Certification in the USA.


BC’s largest fleet of modern Cable Trucks – standard and extended cab

  • Available in Gas or Diesel
  • Adjustable speed drums
  • All with dual drums

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